Sqeulaiche (pronounced: /skɛllskell-lie[3]) was the Court Jester of Queen Titania's Seelie Court[1] and a member of her Inner Circle.[3] He was a demigod of leprechauns, trickery, and illusions.[1][2] The translation of his name was "storyteller".[3][note 1]


Sqeulaiche's avatar was a comely male leprechaun who wore a pointed red hat and a fine silk coat.[1]


Ever playful and unpredictable, Sqeulaiche was a trickster and a prankster who enjoyed teasing his friends—and even Queen Titania! He loved to mock lawful creatures and annoy evil ones. He was generally chaotic neutral in outlook but leaned more towards good than evil.[1]

He is a Fool, not a fool.
— How certain scholars explain Sqeulaiche's intelligence[1]

Sqeulaiche, however, was not stupid, nor was he all fun and games. He loved the faerie folk and would not permit them to be harassed by more powerful beings.[1]

Sqeulaiche, like many leprechauns, had a weakness for wine and gold, and it was not overly difficult to bribe him for information or favors.[1]


Sqeulaiche could always remain invisible if he desired. His avatar shared a number of innate magical powers in common with the other sylvan gods.[3] He was also immune to all enchantments and charms and to all illusions.[1]

He employed spells but only from the school of illusion. He also had a number of innate magical powers. His avatar could always polymorph any object, create a powerfully convincing silent image, and deploy ventriloquism, as could most leprechauns. Additionally, he had greater powers to create chaos in foes, to force them into irrelevant discussions with each other, or to throw them into fits of uncontrollable laughter.[1]


Titania sometimes used her magic to send one of Sqeulaiche's avatars on missions throughout the planes of existence.[1]


Sqeulaiche's avatar fought with a tiny magical dagger.[1]


Sqeulaiche was patron of the leprechauns, but, like other sylvan gods, he did not grant spells to his followers, nor did he have priests or clerics, for all fey creatures had magical powers of their own. His holy symbols were both a clover leaf and a pointed red hat like the one that he wore.[3]

He was not directly worshiped most places in the Realms;[5] however, the elves of Faerûn often offered prayers to him along with their worship of the Seldarine, as they also did to the other deities of the fey people.[6]

Divine RealmEdit

Sqeulaiche shared the divine realm of the Inner Circle of the Seelie Court,[2] which had no permanent location but instead wandered from plane to plane, from the Beastlands to Arborea to Ysgard.[4]


Sqeulaiche was considered a member of the Inner Circle of the Seelie Court, serving Titania and Oberon along with Damh and Verenestra, their children, and with Eachthighern, the Lord of unicorns and pegasi.[3]

The Court Jester was good friends with Erevan Ilesere of the elves and Nathair Sgiathach, god of pseudodragons.[1]


The myths claimed that Sqeulaiche sprouted live from a magical plant in Arvandor, a spiritual off-shoot of the natural world itself.[3]



  1. The in-universe language for this translation is not given in the source; however, it appears to be a Celtic word. In the Forgotten Realms, this would most likely place it in one of the Waelan languages, such as Druidic.



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