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Squirrels were common creatures found around Faerûn.


They were small critters, but possessed large bushy tails. Squirrels, which were usually black,[3] gray,[2] red,[2] or white[4] in color, had small ears at the top of their head.[2]


Squirrels were skilled at climbing and jumping.[1]

If given a few minutes, their teeth were strong enough to bite through rope, leather, or soft wood. And their hands were dexterous enough to pick and hold small objects. Though they couldn't carry such objects, due to walking on all fours.[1]


Squirrels often only attacked in self-defense,[2] using their claws to scratch at enemies.[4][5]


Flying squirrel
Giant black squirrel
a species of large ground squirrel that inhabited the central steppe of the Hordelands,[6] the steppes of Kara-Tur,[7] and the higher reaches of the Katakoro Plateau.[8]

A squirrel eats at an acorn.



Squirrels were typically known to eat fruits, nuts, and grains.[1]


In north Faerûn they could be found in the Dalelands[9] and Cormanthyr, such as the Tangled Vale and Darkwood.[10] They were also common through northwest Faerûn and its Savage Frontier.[11]

In west Faerûn, black and gray furred squirrels could be found in the Forest of Mir,[12] in both the Eastern and Western Heartlands,[13] and in the city of Waterdeep.[14]

Beyond Faerûn, they were quite prevalent on the island of Evermeet, where they were hunted by gold elves.[15] In the Moonshae Isles, squirrels could be found throughout many of its lowland deciduous forests.[16] In the land of Anauroch, they could be found in fertile reaches of the Plain of Standing Stones.[17] In Kara-Tur they could be found in sub-arctic forests.[7]

In the Unapproachable East, squirrels could be found in the Tannath Gap, Yuirwood, and Ashenwood.[18]

Beyond Toril, squirrels inhabited the planets Chandos[19] and Radole.[20]


Squirrels were often favored as pets by forest gnomes.[21]

Squirrels were a favored animal of the primary gnomish deity, Garl Glittergold, the exarch Cyrrollalee,[22] and Shaundakul. He was known to send squirrels to guide or aid his faithful.[23]


Squirrels were occasionally used for their meat, i.e., the Corm Orp sausage, which also included ground nuts.[24] At the Elfstone Tavern, these animals were sometimes put on skewers and cooked.[25] They were also food in the city of Sigil, where they sold for one silver piece and were considered exotic animals.[26] Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold squirrel hides for 2 gp a piece.[27]

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