Squirrels were common creatures found around Faerûn.


They were small critters, but possessed large bushy tails. Squirrels, which were usually black,[2] gray,[1] red,[1] or white[3] in color, had small ears at the top of their head.[1]


Squirrels often only attacked in self-defense,[1] using their claws to scratch at enemies.[3][4]


Squirrels were occasionally used for their meat, i.e., the Corm Orp sausage, which also included ground nuts.[5] At the Elfstone Tavern, these animals were sometimes put on skewers and cooked.[6] They were also food in the city of Sigil, where they sold for one silver piece and were considered exotic animals.[7]

They were a favored animal of the primary gnomish deity, Garl Glittergold and the exarch, Cyrrollalee.[8]

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