Srossar was a bronze dragon possessed by Tyranthraxus.

History[edit | edit source]

Srossar was an ancient dragon. Around 1240 DR, some agents of Tyranthraxus (who were in turn deceived) tricked Srossar into believing that bathing in the Pool of Radiance, a portal to an unknown dark plane underneath Valjevo Castle, would give him greater wisdom and understanding of the metaphysics of the universe.

However, in truth, when the dragon entered the pool, Srossar was possessed by Tyranthraxus. Tyranthraxus immediately commenced building an army of monsters for the subjugation of Faerûn.

Using Srossar's body, Tyranthraxus took control of most of the city of Phlan until 1340 DR.[1]

In that year, an adventuring party hired by Councilman Porphyrys Cadorna defeated Tyranthraxus, killing Srossar in the process.[2]

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