Ss'zuraass'nee, the City of Abominations, was a large yuan-ti city in the underdark, half a mile under the lizardfolk kingdom of Kalran.[2]

It stood beside a dried-up riverbed that used to drain deeper into the Underdark. The city walls were carved to look like a snake's digestive tract. Moreover, there was an acidic tang that hung in the air and made unaccustomed creatures uncomfortable.[2]

At one time, it served as the main center of trade between Najara and several communities in the Underdark. It was normal for drow merchants from Sshamath and Eryndylyn, grimlock merchants from Reeshov, derro merchants from Tsenviilyq, and illithid merchants from Llacerellyn to be seen trading in the city. The city had a centuries-long standing alliance with Llacerellyn, and as a result of the positive relations, many yuan-tillithids roamed the streets by 1373 DR.[2]

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