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Ssvaklors were a species of lesser dragon that came to be because of yuan-ti meddling.[1]


Ordinary ssvaklors were some 8 feet (2.4 meters) long and 120 pounds (54 kilograms) in weight. Greater ssvaklors were twice as long and weighed more than three times as much, but otherwise had the same typically draconic build with wings that were too small for flight.[1]


Ssvaklors were capable at swimming but unable to fly; they had darkvision, blindsense, and a keen sense of smell. They were immune to magic that caused sleep or paralysis; they were also immune to poisons, as they themselves were venomous. Ssvaklors also had a breath weapon in the form of a 30‑foot (9.1‑meter) (or 40‑foot (12‑meter) in the case of greater ssvaklors) cone of poisonous gas. Greater ssvaklors could also spit a glob of concentrated venom at targets up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) away.[1]

Ssvaklors had a few innate spell-like abilities, being able to replicate the effects of animal trance, cause fear, darkness, and entangle each once per day. Greater ssvaklors could replicate the effects of animal shapes (snakes only) once per day, as well.[1]


Ssvaklors preferred to fight alone or with allies that were immune to poison, as they were too impatient to try and avoid hitting their allies with their breathe weapon. They preferred to open combat with their breathe weapon, then go into melee while the gas was still clearing.[1]


Ssvaklors naturally preferred to dwell in temperate marshes and often lived alongside and participated in the schemes of yuan-ti, though they themselves lacked the natural cunning and brilliance of that species.[1]

Ssvaklors were theoretically found anywhere yuan-ti dwelled, but they were most common in Najara. The House Extaminos of Hlondeth was known to be trying to hatch some ssvaklors as well.[1]




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