St. Faelar's Cloisters was a monastery of Ilmater in Calimshan, dedicated to St. Faelar.[2]


St. Faelar's Cloisters rested near the headwaters of the Calim River in the south-central Marching Mountains.[4]


The encampment was a log and stone rustic structure that had space for at least a dozen occupants.[2]


The monks and rangers of the Cloisters engaged in the training of escaped slaves, teaching them how to survive in the mountains, how to climb, etc.[2]


In the month of Kythorn in 1370 DR, the entire structure was burned to the ground in an act of arson attributed to Tara of the Burning Mists, though this was never conclusively proven. This act of terror left three of the monks dead and was initiated by a flaming sphere spell controlled by a laughing, cloaked assailant.[3]


The head priest of St. Faelar's in 1370 DR was Father Jamad.[3]


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