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Staff of Rynn.

The Staff of Rhynn was a quarterstaff imbued with the residual magical energies of the witch Delmarey.[1]


Unlike most staves, the Staff of Rhynn did not possess any charges that allowed for the casting of spell-like abilities. It did however greatly increase the martial prowess of the person wielding it. Their attacks with the staff would strike with more swiftness and accuracy.[1]


The origins of this ancient weapon date to a time when magic was deeply distrusted throughout Faerûn. During these years, there lived a witch named Delmarey whose home was located deep in the swamps near the elven city of Myth Rhynn, in Tethyr. When the region was hit with an unseasonable drought, nearby villagers blamed her for their misfortune and assembled a mob that surprised Delmarey and abducted her to their village. The enraged villagers bound her to a pole and began to burn her alive. Just before she was completely engulfed in the flames, the witch uttered a curse upon her captors and their settlement, rapidly spreading the flames so that it overtook them all. All that remained from the inferno was the wooden stake, the Staff of Rhynn, which had absorbed a remnant of her magical energies.[1]

Many years later, in the 14th century DR, the staff found its way into the possession of the merchant Ribald Barterman and was available for sale at the Adventurer Mart.[1]



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