A staff of portals was a magical staff that had a plethora of powers over portals.[1]


A staff of portals was built from different wooden and metallic materials. The general staff was built using darkwood, purple heartswood, mahogany, and ash. The varied woods were bound together by means of ferrules, again made of different materials like iron, mithral, steel, and adamantine.[1]


A staff of portals was a charge-based magic item. If a person was willing to deplete only the minimum amount of stored power, the staff of portals could be used to cast analyze portal or portal view. On using double the amount of energy, it provided dimension door, portal barricade, and portal-to-portal redirect. A person willing to deplete the staff even more could cast either etherealness or portal reformat from it.[1]


A staff of portals could only be created by someone who was capable of casting a large array of spells, namely analyze portal, dimension door, etherealness, portal barricade, portal-to-portal redirect, and portal view.[1]


The staff of portals was invented some time before 1372 DR in the Underdark.[1]


A staff of portals was a magical staff that could be only be used by divine spellcasters with access to the Portal domain to its full potential. Other casters could make use of the staff, just not all of its properties.[1]



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