A staff of power was a powerful magical staff.[3]


A staff of power was usually straight with a precious gem on top.[3]


A staff of power has a number of potent abilities, including casting magic missile, making enemies enfeebled, creating a continual flame, allowing the user to levitate and be protected by a wall of force and globe of invulnerability, holding monsters, and using offensive spells such as lightning bolt, fireball, and cone of cold.[3]

A staff of power could also be willfully broken to release all of its charges within a 30-ft area. Upon being broken, the staff had a 50% likelihood of transporting the wielder to another plane, or else the wielder would be destroyed by spell energy.[3]

A staff of power could also be used as +2 quarterstaff.[3]

Notable ownersEdit

Mighty fortress-5e

A wizard wielding a staff of power calling forth a mighty fortress.



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