A staff of striking was a very rare magic quarterstaff.[1][2]


Staves of striking were made of timber from an oak tree.[3]

Only those with knowledge of arcane and/or divine magic, such as mages and clerics, could wield such staves.[1]


They were magic weapons with a +3 enchantment,[2][3] and were particularly good at penetrating physical defenses. If a set of armor was prone to being bludgeoned, the staff striking it would act as a bludgeoning weapon, etc.[3]

As did many other magical weapons, staves of striking had a certain number of charges. The staff could expend up to three charges on a single hit. The more charges used, the more additional damage was done.[2][3] It was possible for the staff to become unenchanted when its last charge was spent.[2] Shorter versions of these staves were simply called rods of striking, but otherwise they had the exact same effects.[4]

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