The staff of the magi was a powerful magical artifact.[1]


Generally, a staff of the magi was a long wooden staff encased in iron and inscribed with magical sigils and runes.[1]


The staff of the magi had a number of abilities that were permanent and a number of others that required charges. It bestowed spell resistance upon its bearer, although the bearer could willingly lower the spell resistance in order to absorb spell energy in order to add more charges. If the staff's charges ever exceeded 50, or if the bearer chose to do so, it broke and exploded in a powerful magical burst. When this happened, the bearer had a 50% chance of either being destroyed by the staff's energy or traveling to another plane of existence.[1]

The staff allowed unlimited use of the following abilities: detect magic, enlarge person, hold portal, light, mage armor, and mage hand.[1]

The staff was created with 50 charges. Each of the following abilities used one charge per use: dispel magic, fireball, ice storm, invisibility, knock, lightning bolt, passwall, pyrotechnics, wall of fire, and web. Each of the following abilities used two charges per use: summon monster IX, plane shift, telekinesis (up to 400 lbs.).[1]

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