A staff of thunder and lightning was an enchanted quarterstaff that functioned as both a melee weapon and a channel for the powerful magics of the elements.[2] Some stories spoke of how these staves grew from ground near druid groves that were located close to ecologically threatened forests.[1]


When wielded in melee combat, the staff possessed a +2 enchantment and inflicted damage as if the wielder's opponent had been shocked by an electrical charge and it boomed with a distinct crack of thunder.[2]

When used as a magical implement, the staff shot forth a powerful lightning bolt that coursed through the bodies of any creatures or people within its path. Additionally, the wielder could send out a massive thunderclap that deafened anyone within a 60' (18.3 m) radius. Finally, the staff of thunder and lightning's third and most potent power involved using both of these effects simultaneously. These three functions could each be expended once per day and were collectively recharged at dawn.[2][3]



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