A staff of withering was a magical staff that could wither and age those it struck.[2]


Imgig Zu's staff of withering was an 8-foot-long (2.4 meters) rod fashioned of black oak, polished and twisted.[2]


In combat, the staff functioned as a +1 quarterstaff. It had a number of charges that could be unleashed, to progressively deal additional injury, to age those it struck by ten years, and to cause a struck limb to become withered and useless. However, the ageing effect meant little to immortals and the undead, and creatures that gained power with age could benefit from the extra years.[2]


Wyvern - comic

Wielding the Staff of Withering, Imgig Zu rides upon a wyvern.

The extraplanar monster Imgig Zu once transported the fire elemental Jogaoh from his home plane to the world of Toril. Employing a Lockstone, Imgig then trapped the powerful elemental in the form of a weak dwarf, binding him to Toril, and furthermore used his staff of withering to drain the strength from Jogaoh's limbs. Nevertheless, Jogaoh was able to escape. This Lockstone also proved the key to Jogaoh's release, set to restore withered or lost limbs to the one who touched it, so Imgig kept it well guarded. Jogaoh fashioned for himself a pair of enchanted gauntlets that gave him fresh strength.[3]

In the Year of the Dragon, 1352 DR, Imgig Zu attacked the Agrivar family at Ostus's Hold. He assaulted Priam Agrivar with the staff of withering, turning his hands and arms shriveled and weak, and mocked the paladin for his crippled state and inability to threaten him before he departed. Priam fell into despair, becoming a drunken wreck.[2][3]

When Priam, wearing Jogaoh's gauntlets, finally killed Imgig in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, the effect of the staff of withering finally passed, restoring Priam's arms to the proper state.[4]

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