The Stag Skull Bridge was a bridge spanning the Thunder River in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR. It led the way north out of town into the Hullack Forest.[1][2]


Eight Purple Dragons—veteran monster slayers all—were stationed on the Stag Skull Bridge at all times, guarding the way from the Hullack Forest.[1][2]


The bridge gained some notoriety for the number of foresters and adventurers that came running out of the Hullack Forest with monsters hot on their tails. The Purple Dragons would let these folk pass safely before engaging the monsters on the bridge, and so virtually every Dragon on duty here was a veteran monster slayer.[1][2]


It was a grandly built old stone bridge. From dusk to dawn, a lantern was kept burning on either side of the northern end of the bridge, to let adventurers and foresters know which way to flee to safety. The local saying "between the Stag's lights" came to refer to being "almost out of danger".

Despite the name, the bridge was not adorned or otherwise decorated with any stag skulls, but the local Purple Dragons did mount on the railing posts the heads of monsters that dared try to cross the bridge.[2]



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