The stained glass windows of a temple or stronghold does not only show of the wealth and grandeur of the group who lives there it might also be the hiding place of its hidden guardians. There constructed to blend in with the decor of the structure and most importantly to hide them from the eyes of unwanted visitors.


The flat glass and thin two-dimensional beings that are stained glass golems are silent and never communicate. The only sound they make are the tinkling sound that's like delicate crystal wind chimes and as they move they flicker and twinkle as the light strikes them and breaks down in to its component hues.


Stained Glass Golems attack by slashing with their "arms", which are as sharp as broken glass.


A Stained Glass Golem's Body is constructed from 50 pounds of glass shards and cost 10,000 gp to create. Assembling the body requires a good "glass making" crafter. The Creator must be powerful and be able to cast arcane spells. It drains the creator of experience and some spells: Limited wish, and Polymorph any object spells.


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