The Star Goddess was a Halruaan skyship that sailed the skies during the 15th century DR.[1]


The Star Goddess was captained by the Halruaan Thasselandra Bravewing. Other crew members included the ship's navigator Ra-das, the master-of-arms Faix Haranis, Oloma Authdamar and three other crewmen, Brax, Nhar, and Veloid.[2][3]


Some time the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the Star Goddess and its crew took to the skies from Halruaa to explore the nearby jungles of Chult. While flying over the peninsula, it was assailed by a flock of pterafolk. They tore open the vessel's blimp and sent it crashing to the tree canopy of the jungles.[1]

Most of the survivors were left marooned, high above the ground beneath them.[1] One of them, Oloma Authdamar, managed to leap from the crashing skyship, but was later captured by the yuan-ti of Omu.[3]




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