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Star metal was the name in the Realms for a metallic meteorite.[3][4]


Star metal was the leftover material from the impact of an object fallen from space. It was extremely rare and in high demand because it could be forged with common metals to make durable weapons of great strength.[3][4] When found, these stones were usually small, about thumb-sized, though ogre-head-sized pieces were known to have been discovered.[4] In addition to weaponsmithing, tiny pieces were sometimes sliced and polished for inlay work.[3][4] A typical price was 10,000 gp per pound (22,100 gp/kg).[1][2]


Alloyed with common metals, this material increased the strength, sharpness, flexibility, and durability of weapons, making them ideal for enchantment. Star metal was reputed to enhance the strength and duration of any enchantments placed on blades that included it, but it was difficult to prove such claims.[2]

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