Star Ruby was a rare form of red corundum that exhibited asterism.[5][6]


Star rubies were more opaque than regular gem-quality rubies and had a reflective optical effect that highlighted a white six-pointed star on the surface of cabochon-cut stones.[5][6] Other stars with even-numbered points were also possible.[6] About one out of every one hundred rubies was a star ruby.[6] A typical specimen had a base value of 5,000 gp[1][2] or 1,000 gp[3] depending on market conditions.

Star rubies were considered sacred by followers of Callarduran Smoothhands, Corellon Larethian, Labelas Enoreth, and Shargaas—appropriate for sacrifice, or to be consecrated for use, or recognized as boons or omens when found.[7]


Star rubies shared all the properties of plain rubies plus some very unique healing abilities. This jewel could be used to create a superlative healing vapor that when inhaled delivered the combined effects of:

  • elixir of health (cured blindness, deafness, poisoning, infestation, rot, and mental disorders)
  • heal (restored full health)
  • regenerate (began regrowing lost body parts)

The star ruby first had to be subjected to a knock spell and then wraithform had to be cast on it, creating a thick, red vapor. This remedy was known to work on mammalian creatures, but it was unknown how it affected non-mammals.[6]


Star rubies were considered prized gems among the drow. They considered it somewhat of a lucky charm for those who could use magic and a very bold choice for others. It was particularly used by old priestesses.[8]


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