Star Sapphire was a very rare form of sapphire that exhibited asterism.[5][6]


Asterism is a reflective optical effect that highlights a white six-pointed star on the surface of cabochon-cut stones. Star sapphires were more opaque than regular gem-quality sapphires.[5][6] About one in a thousand sapphires was a star sapphire.[5][6] A typical specimen had a base value of 5,000 gp[1][2] or 1,000 gp[3] depending on market conditions.

Star sapphires were considered sacred by followers of Callarduran Smoothhands, Corellon Larethian, Deneir, Gaerdal Ironhand, and Luthic—appropriate for sacrifice, or to be consecrated for use, or recognized as boons or omens when found.[7]


Star sappires were often used in making and decorating devices and objects to ward off hostile magic,[5][8] such as globes of invulnerability, allowing them to be effective against stronger spells.[6] Many spells could be enhanced by adding a star sapphire to the material component. For example, the duration of an antimagic shell could be extended for more than two hours beyond the usual time limit.[6]

Star sapphires were considered prized gems among the drow. They considered it somewhat of a lucky charm for those who could use magic and a very bold choice for others. It was particularly used by old priestesses.[9] Powerful darkmasks, the specialty priests of the drow deity Vhaeraun, could use black star sapphires to create +2 daggers of venom. When they used particularly valuable gems, they could create +3 daggers of venom.[10]


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