Starharp was a rare and powerful spell used by the Harpers.[1][2]


The spell was used primarily by bards. Other Harpers rarely cast this spell, and it was virtually unknown outside of the organization.[1][2]

The spell created a large glowing image of a harp, which floated above the caster. The harp played by itself, continuing whatever song the caster sang or hummed during casting. It emitted twinkling radiance as it sang.[1][2]

All creatures within 2 ft (0.6 m) of the harp were affected by the spell. Magical or natural pain, nausea, the effects of charms, holds, fear, stunning, and repulsion were eliminated and did not return after the spell expired. The caster could also focus the spell's effects onto a single creature, who was healed when the harp appeared.[1][2]

The spell would not dissipate if the caster or the harp was attacked. Magical darkness of any kind could not be used within the harp's range.[1][2]

The spell was self-sustaining, so the caster was able to cast another spell afterwards or even sleep without any negative affect on the harp. If the caster was killed, the spell continued but the harp turned a blood-red color and the song took on a sad tone.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required two material components: a tear from the caster and a tiny harp carved from bone, ivory or wood.[1][2]