Starleaf was a wild elf and High Mage of enormous power. She served as the center in a high magic ritual known as the First Sundering.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Her role was revealed to the elves by a gathering of elven priests,[2] who learned of it from the Seldarine.[3] At that time, she was still a small girl in the woods of Faerûn but she accepted her fate and left the forests to train as a mage.[4]

On the day of the ritual, she stood at the center of the tower in the middle of many other high mages. She controlled the powers of the spell and formed the will of the gathered elves to create the promised land.[4] When the spell took form she saw the other mages die and felt the tremors ripping Faerûn apart. She was the only one of the gathered mages that survived this day.[5]

That accomplished, Starleaf awoke on the island of Evermeet before the Tree of Souls and was greeted by the gods Angharradh and Corellon Larethian. Both gods revealed to her that they had their part in the spell and that Evermeet and the destruction of Faerûn were also their responsibility. They made Starleaf the guardian of the Tree of Souls, which should one day bring high magic to the elves when it was lost to the world.[1]

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