Status was a divination spell that allowed one to me monitor the positions and conditions of one's allies. This was useful when they became separated.[1]


The caster became mentally aware of the directions and distances to their allies and of whether they were unharmed or suffering any debilitating condition. Once cast, it functioned over any distance provided they were on the same plane. Initially, it covered two allies and lasted three hours, but these increased for more experienced casters.[1]

When a cleric needs to keep track of comrades that may get separated, status allows him to mentally monitor their relative position and general condition. The cleric is aware of direction and distance to the creatures and their status: unharmed, wounded, disabled, staggered, unconscious, dying, dead, etc. Once the spell has been cast upon the subjects, the distance between them and the caster does not affect the spell as long as they are on the same plane of existence. If they leave it, the spell ceases to function for them.[1]


It required verbal and somatic components.[1]


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