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The Steading was the divine realm of Grolantor.[1][2][4]


In the Great Wheel cosmology, the Steading was located in Carceri in the layer of Cathrys.[1][2]

In the World Tree cosmology, this realm was located in the plane of Jotunheim.[4]

In the World Axis cosmology, this realm was located in the Elemental Chaos.[3]


The realm was located in the grassland of Cathrys, except that the grassland abruptly ended at the boundary to the divine realm. The realm itself consisted of brown hills that were chaotically aligned around the center steading, the actual Steading of Grolantor, which was one story—in giant size—high but consisted of several miles of interconnected wooden rooms. Between these hills was grassland and on the hills were forts inhabited by hill giants. There were about a hundred of these forts and the ones in better shape had the deity's favor at the moment.[5]


The realm was dotted with mysterious holes that looked like burrows dug up by some unknown creature or looked like they'd appeared naturally. Entering these holes created paranoia in the mind of the person entering, making them react in a fearful manner but robbing any fighting skills they otherwise had.[6]


One could buy vaath skin and goods manufactured from it in the divine realm. Otherwise, there was nothing of note in the realm.[6]


Grolantor ruled the realm.[1][2][4] He was served by giants who hunted and fed their god with their spoils. Travelers had an uncertain fate ready for them. They could get eaten by the giants or Grolantor, they could be bribed to serve Grolantor, or they could be left alone.[5]

Notable Inhabitants[]

Sating the realm's ruler's appetite was one reason why its inhabitants hunted.[6]
Onazak Throateater
The hill giant proxy of Grolantor, she was not only strong but also intelligent.[6]



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