A steel predator was a metal-eating outsider.[2]


Steel predators were reminiscent of big cats with muscles made of iron. Like a big cat, steel predators were strong and fast.[2]

These creatures were deaf but could somehow speak their dialect of Terran.[2]

What was truly special about them was their sense of smell. It not only allowed them to track their targets but also allowed them to pinpoint it as readily as vision over close ranges.[2]


Steel predators were metal-eaters. Metallic magic items were viewed as a delicacy, and they usually attacked such an item—and its owner—to destroy it with their bite and then eat it.[2]


Physical AbilitiesEdit

A steel predator could make a special roar every six to twenty-four seconds that allowed it to not only deafen people but also deal physical damage with the sound. This attack was more effective against crystalline creatures.[2]

The mouth of a steel predator was especially suited to destroying objects held by creatures. Its bite could also subdue a steel predator's enemy.[2]

Steel predators had four legs but two claws that they could normally use for combat purposes. If one hit with both its claws, it could also use its hind legs to strike enemies.[2]

Steel predators had complete immunities against attacks using electricity or sound. Because of their deafness, steel predators were also immune to any magic that worked by being heard. They had a strong resistance against non-magical physical attacks and fire and cold.[2]

They had skills in sneaking, hiding, and balancing.[2]

Magical AbilityEdit

Steel predators had only one magical ability, their ability to sense the existence of metallic magic items.[2]


Steel predators who got the drop on their enemies tried to roar against them and then overwhelm them with attacks, preferably destroying their weapons.[2]


Steel predators were found on Acheron[2] and the Barrens of Doom and Despair.[3]


Steel predators were the creation of a certain rogue hexton in Sigil.[1]



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