Steelfist was a dwarf member of the Council of Sparkling Stones in Mirabar.[1]


The regal dwarf wore a gold and crimson robe, and held a jeweled walking stick. He also wore a ring, two pendants, and a purple beret. Steelfist had a large nose and a grey beard.[1]


Steelfist owned a small fort on the north bank of the River Mirar. Several torches lit the inside of the fort, and the walls were adorned with rich tapestries. He also possessed a great golden throne.[1]


Circa 1358 DR, Steelfist was the dwarven representative of Mirabar. Despite not leading the mining city, he seemed to have gained the respect of a lot of dwarves, who referred to him as "King Steelfist". The main power of the city, however, lay with Marchion Elastul Raurym, who did not refer to Steelfist with his royal title.[1]

After the Heroes of Ascore dissolved the second ZhentarimLuskanKraken plan to cause havoc around the Sword Coast, they addressed the council of Mirabar. After revealing the plot to the council members, King Steelfist thanked them profusely, but informed them that another threat was still present. Rumors had been spreading about the sighting of a magical gem that had apparently slain a mighty dragon, Freezefire, many years back. The evil groups, having failed to sow discord amongst the Lords' Alliance, desperately searched for the gem around the Ice Peak.[1]

Before starting their search for the ancient gem, Steelfist encouraged the heroes to take his son, Gauhok, as a member of the party. Steelfist's dwarves set out, with the heroes in tow.[1]



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