Sticks to snakes was an alteration spell that turned appropriate non-magical wooden items into snakes for a few minutes. The reverse of this spell, snakes to sticks countered sticks to snakes or turned ordinary-sized snakes temporarily into sticks.[1][2][5]


This spell could be cast on unenchanted wooden items that were significantly longer than their width, e.g., sticks, torches, staves, planks, spears, etc. If an item was in the possession of a being, the being had a chance to resist the spell. The number of snakes that could be produced was somewhat random and increased with the level of the spellcaster, but at least eight snakes could be created if sufficient materials were at hand. The type of snakes produced was also variable but could be of the constricting or poisonous varieties. The chance for venomous snakes increased with the level of the caster. The snakes were under the command of the caster and would attack designated targets.[1][2][5]

When cast in reverse, snakes to sticks dismissed snakes created by sticks to snakes, returning them to their original form. If cast on normal-sized snakes, this spell turned them into sticks for the duration of the spell.[1][2][5]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a small piece of bark and several scales from a snake.[1][2][5]


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