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Stingtails were a larger, mutant variety of asabi.[2]


Stingtails were larger than normal asabis, standing around 12 feet (3.7 meters) tall, and were reddish or brown in color with yellow, slit-pupiled eyes. Like their smaller kin, they were lizard-like humanoids with narrow skulls They had prehensile tails that were approximately 14 feet (4.3 meters) long.[2]


Stingtails were not as smart as ordinary asabis and were generally content to be followers of others.[2]


Stingtails were named for their tails, which were coated with a nasty, liquid contact poison which splattered onto those struck by the tail, confusing and weakening them. Stingtail could generally effect six creatures per day with this poison before running out. Both stingtails and normal asabis were immune to this poison.[1][2]

Stingtails were also immune to all enchantment magic,[1] most notably charm spells.[2]


Stingtails were capable of wielding a scimitar in each hand and a third with their tail.[2]


Stingtails were always found in asabi tribes, never on their own. Like other asabis, they ate the internal organs other soft parts of their prey (generally camels and humans), various subterranean fungi that the asabis cultivated, and certain taproots. They lived underground and emerged onto the surface of the desert only at night, for the heat of the sun was deadly to them during the day.[2]

Stingtails and asabis were crossfertile, with 10% of their offspring being other stingtails and the remainder being asabis.[2]

Unlike normal asabis, stingtails were of little use to the phaerimm thanks to their immunity to charm spells.[2]

Some Bedine warriors would coat their blades and arrows in stingtail poison,[3] which was noted as being caustic and as smelling like vinegar.[2]