The Stojanow river began high in the Dragonspine Mountains and flowed south into the Moonsea. There was fertile ground along this river allowing for farming of some grains and hardy vegetables.[1] To the west of the river was the Grass Sea, on most of the east bank was the Quivering Forest.[2]

It was used as the primary means to transport ore and minerals from the Dragonspines to the cities of Phlan and Melvaunt.[3]


The city of Phlan covered both banks of the river as it entered the Moonsea.[4] Along the banks of its shores were several fortified hamlets, including Kabel's Hill.[5]

A massive silver pyramid was built on a large island in the middle of the river, known as the Sorcerer's Isle, sometime around −100 DR. This was used as a wizards' school until it was later abandoned.[6]




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