Stone Bridge was a bridge located along the River Dessarin, connecting Red Larch and the Long Road via the Stone Trail to Beliard on Jundar's Pass, and the High Forest.[3][4]

The bridge, which was also a temple to Moradin, was a single arch, 3.2 km (two miles) in length and 122 m (400 ft) high,[1] made of granite, roughly six paces wide, with no railings or barriers.[5] It was originally built to connect the two halves of the realm of Besilmer, and was wide enough to cope with the broadest flow of the river in times of flooding.[1]

As of 1368 DR, it was a site of pilgrimage for dwarves of lawful good alignment.[1]


The bridge was the site of a fight between Torhild Flametongue, founder of the dwarven realm of Besilmer, and a hill giant, resulting in Torhild's death.[1]

During the final days of the Ironstar clan of dwarven, their king, Daurvos Frostbeard, was cut down on the bridge by orcs while the clan was attempting to flee south. While mortally wounded, he cried to Moradin for aid and died. Moradin's avatar, a 6m-high (20ft) armoured dwarf, appeared on the bridge, rallying the fleeing dwarves and leading them to victory over the orcs.[6]





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