A stone juggernaut, also known simply as a juggernaut, was a very rare stone construct used as an unstoppable vehicle of war.[1][2][3] They were a type of golem closely related in design to a stone golem. Some juggernauts were special crossbreeds between stone golems and mimics.[1]


Juggernauts usually appeared as massive vehicles fashioned of stone that moved across the ground on wheels or rollers.[1][2] They ranged in height from 8 feet (2.4 meters) to 20 feet (6.1 meters)[1] and being made of granite and other dense materials they weighed at least 50,000 pounds (23,000 kilograms). They were shaped like squat round or square buildings made of stone. Sometimes, they even had an interior area that could accommodate two human-sized passengers in relatively safety. Many were decorated with disturbing carvings or paintings to give them a terrifying appearance[2] and no two juggernauts looked alike. Examples included a glaring demon with obsidian fangs and eyes of fire and an elephant with tusks set with jewels.[3]

Juggernauts made with mimic powers could have six robust "arms" on their sides, with three on the left and three on the right.[1][2]


Two adventurers try to outrun a stone juggernaut in a dungeon.


These heavy constructs were generally very slow,[1][2] and clumsy and difficult to turn,[1][2][3] but some could quickly accelerate to moderate paces,[1] and others were made swift.[3] Either way, once they caught up, they could run into, knock over, and crush their opponents, often to death. The crushed creatures took terrible damage, and a large assortment of their items could be instantly destroyed. Survivors were usually knocked back or to the side.[1][2][3] Often, their low speeds were not too much of an issue, as those with huge limbs or magic could grab and force their smaller opponents under their crushing body.[1][2] Stone juggernauts dealt about twice as much damage to regular structures.[3]


Juggernauts that were crossbreeds with mimics could mold themselves into other forms just like mimics did. They could extrude up to six limbs, which were used for a variety of purposes to fulfill mission requirements. Examples included a horn or trumpet to produce an alarm or hammers or maces to further harm enemies, but they could rarely attack a single target with two limbs at a time.[1]

Some juggernauts were not limited to brute strength, and had a range of magical abilities to make up for their slow pace. These constructs could create walls of force to block their foes' escape routes and to move over bridges or other similar obstructions. Juggernauts could also magically hold opponents, so they had no chance of escape. These constructs had many more spell-like abilities in their arsenal, such as forcecage, magic missiles, grease, web, and slow.[2]

Being constructs, juggernauts had an incredibly large set of resistances. They were immune to fire,[1][2] as well as poison and acid, electrical and mental attacks, paralysis, sleep, disease, and spells that caused instant death or shape-changing, and they could not be weakened.[2][3] Even if they were damaged, they were quickly able to automatically repair themselves.[2][3] They could, however, be damaged by adamantine weapons.[3] They could see in all directions simultaneously.[2] They had just enough intelligence to avoid noticeable hazards such as pits or ravines they could fall into.[3]


As with all types of constructs, skilled craftsmen and highly experienced mages were required to build them. The stone and other components cost at least 70,000 gp, including 5,000 gp for the stone body. Great skill in sculpture or masonry was required to craft the body. The mage must cast a large array of spells, namely those the golem could use in combat, as well as bull's strength, polymorph any object, geas/quest, and limited wish.[2]


Juggernauts were utilized to weaken enemy forces before an assault and they were used for defense.[2] They were very rare and were deployed alone.[1][2] They were set to roll across open battlefields or through narrow corridors or tunnels, simply crushing anyone and anything in their path.[3]

Notable JuggernautsEdit

A stone juggernaut guarded the Eye of Zaltec in the Forbidden City of Omu in Chult by the late 1480s DR. It was placed there as a trap by the archlich Acererak, who named it "Napaka", after a deceased queen of Omu, and was set to emerge from a secret door and roll inescapably after those who disturbed it. An enchanted iron scepter with an adamantine head had the power to destroy the juggernaut when it struck the construct; it was stored in the hand of the remains of the real Napaka in her sarcophagus.[5]


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