A stone juggernaut, also known as a juggernaut or a juggernaut golem, was a very rare stone construct.[1][2][3]

A juggernaut combines sheer size and magical abilities into a potent, nearly unstoppable force.[2]


Juggernauts could either have fixed or alterable forms.[1]

Fixed-form juggernauts usually appeared as huge behemoths that moved across the ground, much like a vehicles.[1][2] These gargantuan constructs could be built with six "arms", and were often shaped like threatening beasts. These forms of the golems sometimes even had an interior area to accommodate room for up to two medium-sized humanoids.[2]

Alterable-form juggernauts could mold themselves to other forms, usually ones that had limbs, which were used for a variety of purposes. Such juggernauts were crossbreeds between stone golems and mimics.[1]

These heavy constructs were very slow, and could be up to 20 feet (6.1 meters) tall.[1] As every stone juggernaut was constructed differently, some were fairly fast, and others lacked turning maneuverability.[3]


Despite starting at low speeds, they quickly accelerated to moderate paces. Once the golems reached their opponents, they were quickly crushed (often to death). The crushed creatures took huge damage, and a large assortment of their items could be instantly destroyed.[1] Often, their low speeds were not too much of an issue, as their huge limbs could be used to grab, or force, their opponents under their crushing body.[2]

Stone juggernauts were not limited to brute strength, and had a range of magical abilities. These constructs could create walls of force to block their foes' escape routes. They also used these walls to move over bridges or other similar obstructions. Juggernauts could also magically hold opponents, so they had no chance of escape. These constructs had many more spell-like abilities in their arsenal, such as magic missiles, grease, web and slow.[2]

Juggernauts had an incredibly large set of resistances. They were immune to fire,[1][2], as well as poison and acid, electrical and mental attacks, paralysis, sleep, disease, spells that caused instant death or shape-changing,[3] and several more effects. Even if they were damaged, they were quickly able to regain health.[2] They could, however, be damaged by adamantine weapons. Stone juggernauts dealt about twice as much damage to regular structures.[3]


As with all types of golems, great craftsmen and experienced mages were required to build them. The stone and other components cost at least 75,000 gp. In the case of juggernauts, skilled masons and sculptors, as well as a very experienced mage that was willing to become less powerful in the process, must have been available. The mage must have cast a large array of spells, such as those the golem could use in combat, as well as bull's strength, polymorph any object, geas/quest and limited wish.[2]


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