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A stone pudding was a rare, slow, and well-armored ooze.[2][1]


Stone puddings were thick lumps of ooze that slowly moved through subterranean environments. Though a lot more robust than other creatures of their type, these puddings were fairly malleable. When well fed, their body color appeared to be dark gray, which only got lighter as they became more hungry.[1]


Stone puddings usually initiated combat by dropping on their victims.[2] When successful, the puddings injected poison from their secretions into them. The creatures would lie on top of their prey, quickly devouring their flesh.[1]


Unlike many other types of ooze and pudding, stone puddings did not dissolve metal or wood. They, instead, only feasted on the flesh of their victims.[1]

Stone puddings almost always appeared on their own, but it was possible that groups of three could appear. They preferred to hang on ceilings, waiting for their prey to come close enough that they could drop on top of them.[2][1]

These sturdy puddings were known to dwell in Undermountain, especially in Wyllowwood.[2]


The remains of such puddings (particularly their secretions) were used in oils and potions, such as oils of acid resistance.[1]


Stone puddings were thought to be derived from the more well-known black puddings.[1]