Stone spirits were a type of lesser spirit found in Kara-Tur.[1]


Stone spirits had no physical form; the closest they had to a physical body was whatever statue they inhabited at the moment. Stone spirits were able to control the statue they occupied, but it could only achieve movement if the statues had legs or wings.[1]


In combat, stone spirits used their statue bodies as a weapon, flinging themselves into opponents or dropping onto them from above. Small stone spirits were the least dangerous stone spirit, while large stone spirits were feared. If a stone spirit was killed, the statue they occupied crumbled to dust.


Stone spirits had no immunity to spells but were particularly vulnerable to earth-based spells. Stone spirits could be healed with an elemental burst spell. Only small stone spirits had the ability to fly, but only if their statue had wings.[1]


Stone spirits acted as guardians of important buildings and landmarks, sometimes guarding only a single room that had a special importance. They were very serious in their duties and would not hesitate to attack a trespasser. Medium stone spirits were usually found guarding crypts or treasure hordes, while large stone spirits guarded monuments and temples dedicated to evil.[1]


Stone spirits "lived" within stone statues, which they were able to control as if they were their own bodies. Each size of stone spirit favored a different type of statue. Small stone spirits usually occupied small and opulently decorated statues or marble walls. Medium stone spirits usually occupied small statues of animals or humans. Large stone spirits lived in large statues, usually of a dragon, large horse, or an oni.[1]


The diet of a stone spirit consisted of coins and gems. These items were not actually digested by the stone spirit, instead the items settled within the statue. When a statue crumbled to dust as the result of a stone spirit being killed, this treasure was not destroyed and was retrievable.[1]


Stone spirits guarded the tomb of the sage Poh Nih in T'u Lung.[3]


The dust from a stone spirit's statue had several uses in Kara-Tur. The dust from a small stone spirit's statue was used as an ingredient in cosmetics used by concubines. The dust from a medium stone spirit's statue was used as an ingredient in a powder that prevented toothaches. The dust from a large stone spirit's statue was used as an ingredient in brewing a potion of invulnerability.[1]



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