Stonefire was a liquid material that could burn nearly any material, including stone. Stonefire bombs, called firepots, could be lobbed at structures and enemies to cause great damage.[1][2]


Stonefire was used extensively in the drow cities of Menzoberranzan and Ched Nasad during the Silence of Lolth (13721373 DR). Drow rebels and slaves led by Syrzan used it during the uprising in Menzoberranzan.[1] Clan Xornbane used them on the attack on House Melarn and later upon Ched Nasad itself, causing the complete destruction of the city when the stonefire brought down the cities calcified web layers, creating a cascading effect as the city's structures plummeted to the bottom of the chasm.[3] The duergar army of Gracklstugh also used firepots during the Siege of Menzoberranzan, damaging parts of Tier Breche.[4][5] It was revealed that the Jaezred Chaulssin had secretly been providing the firepots in order to weaken drow society.[6]


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