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Stony devils were hamatulas that had become mineral warriors.[1]


Stony devils resembled hamatulas, being 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall and weighing about 300 lb (140,000 g). They possessed the barbing of their previous form, but their skin changed to be pebbly and slate-grey. Their eyes resembled translucent, semi-precious gemstones.[1]


Stony devils, like other baatezu, were creatures of both law and evil. They were known to wander the Underdark in hopes of causing trouble.[1]


Stony devils possessed all the abilities of a barbed devil, as well as what they gained from being a mineral warrior: their skin was tougher, and they could use earth strike to make exceptionally harmful attacks against enemies on the ground. They were also adept at burrowing and in underground environments.[1]

As former hamatulas, stony devils could see perfectly in any darkness, even that of magical origin. They could attempt to summon other baatezu devils once each day. Stony devils possessed the natural magical powers of barbed devils: they could use greater teleport and scorching ray at will, and order's wrath and unholy blight each once per day. They also had a barbed devil's ability to fight with their claws, fangs, and numerous stone-like barbs.[1]





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