The Storm Rune was a merchant cabal that operated in the city of Stormhelm in Eskorn, Laerakond.[1]


Members of the Storm Rune, merchants and landlords who met in secret and kept their identities hidden from the lower-ranking members, worked together to increase their wealth and status in Eskornar society, by manipulating the knights of Eskorn, making king's edicts or the knights seem tyrannical to the common people, and by slowly shaping popular beliefs.[1]

They never committed violent or overtly unlawful deeds, taking care to avoid being noticed by the public eye. They normally employed spies, adventurers, and intermediaries to advance their agendas.[1]


In 1479 DR, some members of the Storm Rune were supporting Prince Flandarr Roaryl's claims to the throne.[2]

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