Storm armor was a type of magical glassteel full plate armor, granted to those who had achieved full-fledged knighthood within the order of the Flying Hunt of Nimbral. They were specially attuned to each individual wearer, and would be useless to defend anyone else.[1]


The armor shone with bright, varying colors of the rainbow. The intensity of the glow increased as the wearer became more excited or angry and lessened as they became weaker or lost consciousness.[1]


The knowledge of how to craft a set of storm armor was only known to the Nimbral Lords and a select few powerful mages from the realm of Halruaa. As it was bestowed upon recognized knights by the enigmatic lords of the island-nation, it was not available by any other means.[1]


This set of +1 invulnerable, glassteel full plate mail was resistant to electricity, whether magical or mundane in nature. Storm armor also functioned similarly to a ring of feather falling, in that it prevented serious injury death from taking a fall from great heights.[1]



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