Storm dragons were a type of dragon.[1][note 1]


Storm dragons had snake-like bodies with deep purple scales and broad wings. Their heads were broad and flat, with a long, sharp-angled snout and a series of horns and ridges extending back from the jaw, cheeks, and forehead. Their eyes crackled with lightning.[1]


Storm dragons often competed for territory with blue dragons, and thus did not get along.[2]

Notable Storm DragonsEdit



  1. While Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons states that "storm dragon" was another name for "blue dragon", the description of Tekthyrios in The Gossamer Plain does not fit with that of a blue dragon, and The Fractured Sky explicitly calls them out as being different types of dragon. Despite this, storm dragons do not appear in any other novels, nor are they defined in sourcebooks. They also do not fit the description of the storm drake in Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons.


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