Storm of the Dead is the second book in the Lady Penitent trilogy by Lisa Smedman.

Lolth always plays to win.

When goddesses sit down to play a game, the stakes are the souls of their worshipers, and their own immortality. Not even the other gods of the Demonweb Pits can resist the draw of that fateful game, and one has already fallen.

But there are mortals that can sense even the shifting winds of the Outer Planes, and not all of them are powerless, even in the face of the Queen of the Demonweb Pits. After all, it took a mortal to make Lolth what she's become, and it may take another mortal to put her back in her place.

But how many more gods will die in the process?

Summary[edit | edit source]

Storm of the Dead follows up the events of the Sacrifice of the Widow, with the diffusion of Vhaeraun's clerics with Eilistraee’s priestesses due to the death of Vhaeraun at the hands of Eilistraee. The goddess of the dead, Kiaransalee joins the sava game between Lolth and Eilistraee as a neutral faction. Immediately, Eilistraee was placed at a disadvantage from the double-front of Kiaransalee’s and Lolth’s followers.

Right off the bat, there were conflicts between the former followers of Vhaeraun and the priestesses of Eilistraee, represented in the rebellious nature of Kâras and the strictly traditional personality in Cavatina Xarann. More pressing matters are at hand when Faerzress is discovered to be intensifying, afflicting the magical power of the drow alone. Its influence is spreading across Faerûn, affecting the power of the drow mages and even priestesses and clerics.

Q'arlynd Melarn traveled to Sshamath after leaving the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in the Sacrifice of the Widow.

Halisstra Melarn still remains the battle-captive of Lolth as the Lady Penitent. After being transferred to become the battle-captive of Wendonai, she escapes with the promise to bring Cavatina to the balor demon for "entertainment."

Index[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

AlexaBaltakBrindellCabrath NelinderraCasusCavatina XarannChizraDaffirDanifae YauntyrrDarblethDurthEldrinn ElpraghFelyndiira T'orghGilkrizGindrolGlorstHalavHalisstra MelarnJyzrillKârasKhorl KrissellianKlizikLaeral SilverhandLeliana VrinnMalaggar XarannMasoj DhuunylMazeerMiverraPiriQ'arlynd MelarnQilué VeladornSeldszar ElpraghShosharaTalzirTash'klaTelmyzTsabrakUrlryn KhalazzaValdar JaelreWendonaiZarifarZindira
Referenced only
Chal'dzarFlinderspeldJetel XarannKarizaKurgoth HellspawnMalvagNar'bithOrcusRowaan VrinnSeyll AuzkovynYithzin

Creatures[edit | edit source]

BalorBeetleBoneclawChitineDark elfDerroDrowDuergarGhostGhoulGoblinGravecrawlerGrimlockHalf-drowHalflingHumanKeening spiritLamiaMinotaurMoon ratOgreQuaggothQuasitQuth-marenRetrieverRevenantRatSpecterSpiderSun elfSvirfneblinVampireWater elementalZombie
Referenced only
BuletteDelverHobgoblinOrcPurple wormRothéTrollUmber hulk

Locations[edit | edit source]

Buildings & Sites
Acropolis of ThanatosDark Weavings BazaarDarkfire PillarsKraanfhaor's DoorMoonspring PortalPromenade of the Dark MaidenStonestaveZ'orr'bauth
Deep WastesHigh MoorMoondeep SeaShilmista
AbyssAstral PlaneDemonweb PitsNegative Energy plane
Referenced only
Arcane ConservatoryArvandorAryvandaarBlackstaff TowerChed NasadCormanthorDarkwatchFaertlemirGalena MountainsIlythiirKeltormirMaerimydraMenzoberranzanMisty ForestMiyeritarMoonseaQuillspiresShantel OthreierSkullportSschindylrynThanatosTower of the Masked MageWaterdeep

Magic[edit | edit source]

Magic Items
DriftdiscCrescent BladeKiiraPiwafwiSelu'kiiraSinging swordSpectral daggerstaff of divination
Faerie fireFeeblemindInvisibilitySendingTeleport
Referenced only
DemonbaneDark Disaster

Organizations[edit | edit source]

House MelarnHouse Nelinderra
Black MoonCollege of AbjurationCollege of Ancient ArcanaCollege of ConjurationCollege of DivinationCollege of EnchantmentCollege of MagesCollege of NecromancyConclave of SshamathDarksong KnightThe Death HeartProtectors of the Song
Referenced only
House T'sarranSelvetargtlin

Religions[edit | edit source]

Church of EilistraeeChurch of LolthChurch of KiaransaleeChurch of Vhaeraun
Temples & Shrines
Acropolis of ThanatosPromenade of the Dark Maiden
Referenced only
Callarduran SmoothhandsCorellon LarethianGhaunadaurMoanderMystraSelvetarmSharTower of the Masked MageVhaeraun

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Ascomoid plagueChosen of MystraDread blossomFaerzressHigh HuntsavaSelûneVoidstone::Referenced only
Silence of LolthStonefireTears of Selûne

Appendix[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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