The stormazîn was the high priest of Annam All-Father for all giant tribes,[1] acting as a spiritual father for all giant priests of all giant deities.[2]


A stormazîn was the Great Priest of Annam for life; a new stormazîn was elected by all of the giant tribes upon the death of the previous holder of the title. The stormazîn was always a male, and upon taking the title, he would advance to become the most powerful cleric of any giant.[1]


The duties of the stormazîn included taking care of Annam's grand temple, located in the Ice Spires northeast of Hartsvale; training lesser priests, even those of the other giant deities[2]; traveling to various giant steadings to perform ritual ceremonies; determining new religious laws; and acting as a judge when disputes arose amongst priests. The stormazîn's power was limited to the religious sphere, but he was respected by giants from all societies. Most Jotunbrud chieftains, no matter their race, would heed the stormazîn's advice. Traditionally, the stormazîn offered it only rarely.[1]

Every two years, the stormazîn held a special ceremony to appoint new clergy. One a month, he led a prayer vigil to seek guidance from the All-Father.[2]

Notable StormazînEdit


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