Stormhelm was the capital and the only proper city of the kingdom of Eskorn, Laerakond.[2]


As of 1479 DR, Stormhelm was ruled by King Ornan Roaryl. When he was traveling, the king appoint his trusted servant, Lord Mreskan Haundle, as his seneschal.[2]


Stormhelm architecture was dominated by a haphazard stone layout, with many undeveloped areas and forested zones instead of blocks of buildings. The city was unwalled and had muddy roads flanked by gravel footpaths.[2] Stormhelm was the only place in Eskorn with dwellings that had ornate entry halls, lavishly furnished and used only for entertaining guests.[3]

Its largest building was a stone fortress called the Throne Hall, home of the royal family.[2]


Stormhelm was named after a legendary human hero who fought and died during the rebellion against Eskornamundyr. The city was originally a dragon settlement made by dwarven slaves, and rebuilt by humans after Eskorn gained its freedom.[2]

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