Stormkeep was a tower located in the Fallen Lands in the Savage Frontier.[1]


The tower had the shape of a sharp fang. From the summit of the tower, lightning bolts constantly struck at passing clouds. Along with the slender and tapered walls, there weren't any visible doors or windows. The entire structure seemed carved from a single giant unique piece of obsidian. Inside the tower, there were large vats, inside which, in luminescent oils, there were immersed limbs that would attach themselves to any open wound if placed there. If an person covered themselves in the oils instead, they were healed in a very short time.[1]


According to the rumors that were circulating in the Fallen Lands, the only way to access the tower was to stumble on a nearby stone that was the site of an always-on portal. According to other stories, dragons came to the tower to feed on the limbs or to seek treatment, attacking any intruders in their path. Many other stories told of Netherese wizards who were asleep in a trance state for ages. Even more improbable stories described formidable weapons that would bind to their wielder, and that could be hidden in another dimension where they could be retrieved with a word or a thought. All these stories agreed that Stormkeep was built for a terrible purpose. All those who ventured there may have been marked in some way in order to be called up again later for an obscure reason.[1]



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