Stormwardens are two-blade rangers trained in an ancient fey tradition. Stormwardens are charged with the defense of the natural world, whether it be the Feywild or the Prime, twirling their dual weapons into a tempestuous assault that threatens to slay all who bring harm to the wild.[1]


Stormwardens are furious foes and hone their skill with dual weapons into a series of deadly techniques. Even approaching a stormwarden can be dangerous since the rangers are taught how to swing their weapons, usually blades, around them to impose a physical barrier. These abilities are made even more dangerous by an arcane connection with the Feywild that give stormwardens a few magical traits. All stormwardens, even if they are not themselves fey, emulate the teleportation abilities of the eladrin and attacks made by experienced stormwardens often carry with them an electrical charge. These uncanny abilities make stormwardens altogether more deadly.[1]

However, stormwardens remain warriors by nature, and are trained in the use of exploits rather than spells. Stormwarden exploits are often extremely aggressive by nature and the rangers that use them often give little heed for their own safety as they throw themselves into combat. Stormwardens are not without defenses however and clearing the ground is an early technique learned by stormwardens by which they throw off nearby foes. Cold steel hurricane however is a more advance exploit that more fully embodies the stormwarden ethos, dealing deadly blows with deadly agility and power.[1]


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