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Stormwrack is an accessory for the 3.5th-edition of Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

Conquer the Maelstrom

Sometimes an adventure takes an aquatic turn. You might find yourself exploring an ancient city lost beneath the waves, navigating an underground river plagued by monsters, plotting a course to some stormwracked isle, or battling pirates on the high seas. Well, fear not, brave adventurer. Here is your guide to overcoming such perils!

This supplement examines marine environments, from flooded dungeons and subterranean seas to mystical islands and the gloomy deep. It provides rules for adapting to, navigating through, and surviving hazardous seaborne, underwater, and stormwracked conditions. This book also includes new character options (races, spells, psionic powers, feats, and prestige classes), magic items and monsters associated with seas and storms, adventure sites, and a narrative ship-to-ship combat system.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Into the Maelstrom
  • Chapter 2: Races of the Seas
  • Chapter 3: Classes and Prestige Classes
  • Chapter 4: Skills and Feats
  • Chapter 5: Ships and Equipment
  • Chapter 6: Spells and Magic Items
  • Chapter 7: Monsters
  • Chapter 8: Adventure Locales
  • Appendix: Encounter Tables


Stormwrack focuses on aquatic adventures, races, and locations. It has detailed information and descriptions on various types of both realistic and fantastical watery environments, including underwater, the open ocean, ships, coral reefs, grottos, swamps and such. Watery hazards such as waves, storms, exposure, rain and the like are deeply explored.

Several new sea-affiliated races, the darfellan and the aventi, are introduced. Old races, such as the hadozee and aquatic elves are detailed for use as player characters.

There are new prestige classes, new magic items, new spells, new monsters, and various other rules additions. Finally, a few pre-made adventures are included at the end, set in aquatic/coastal environments, for players to test the new content on.



amphibious creatureanguillianaventiblackskatecaller from the deepscrab, monstrousdarfellandinosaur (ArchelonIchthyosaurMosasaurPlesiosaur) • dire animals (dire barracudadire eel) • aquatic elfgolem, coralhadozeehammerclawhippocampusleech, giantnereidramfishscyllanseawolfsisiutl • swarms (jellyfish swarmleech swarmpiranha swarm) • uchuulonyugoloth, echinoloth • animals (albatrossbarracudaeelottersea lionsealsnapping turtlesting ray) • vermin (diving spider, monstroussea snake)


Aventernus • BlibdoolpoolpDeep SashelasEadro • Geshtai • Ishtishia • The Mockery • Procan • SekolahUmberleeValkur • The Whale Mother • Yeathan



  • Designers: Richard Baker, Joseph D. Carriker, Jr., Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
  • Developers: Stephen Schubert, Andy Collins, David Noonan
  • Editors: John D. Rateliff, John Thompson
  • Editing Manager: Kim Mohan
  • Design Manager: Christopher Perkins
  • Development Manager: Jesse Decker
  • Director of RPG R&D: Bill Slavicsek
  • Production Managers: Josh Fischer, Randall Crews
  • Senior Art Director D&D: Stacy Longstreet
  • Art Director: Karin Jaques
  • Cover Artist: Jeremy Jarvis
  • Interior Artists: Chris Appel, Drew Baker, Wayne England, David Griffith, Fred Hooper, Lee Moyer, Jim Nelson, Michael Phillippi, Eric Polak, Joel Thomas, Franz Vohwinkel, Sam Wood
  • Graphic Designer: Dee Barnett
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