The Straits of Koryo were the channels of water lying between the Koryo Peninsula and the island of Saishu and the other small islands between them.[1][note 1]


The Straits of Koryo were famed for their huge tidal ranges and speeds: the water could rise a distance of 30 feet (9.1 meters) in only two hours. Low tide exposed the sea bed by the shore.[2]


The Straits of Koryo were home to prides of sea lions that menaced sailors, and huge orange crabs called dikanie.[2]


When the tide went out, an unwary sailor could find their boat beached for hours in the mud. Worse, they became prey for the dikanie.[2]

Notorious pirates Crow Dz Pong and Rantoon Gwa plied the Straits of Koryo, harassing the coast between Pyong Do and the Ziyero Ridge.[3]


The fishermen of In'ani and Ansong, on either side of the Straits of Koryo, had eliminated the dangerous prides of sea lions before 1357 DR. For this and other achievements, they were claimed to be the best in the world.[2][note 2]



  1. The plural name "Straits" implies multiple channels of water, and the presence of smaller islands dividing the main strait allows for these multiple straits.
  2. It is not clear whether the fishermen responsible for eradicating the sea lions came from In'ani or Ansong, or both settlements.


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