The Stray Thoughts was a psionic adventuring and mercenary company based in Sembia in the 1370s DR. It had a reputation for professionalism and discretion.[1][2]


The organization was led by Jacenelle Traen, a potent wilder.[1][2] Her role was to organize members to undertake missions, and she herself was away on activities half the time. She would often manifest her psionic powers to aid members. She was eager to expand the organization, particularly outside Sembia, and would look for someone capable to establish a chapter house elsewhere.[1]


The group had around forty members, all with some measure of psionic ability.[1] Most were of a mercenary nature who'd settled in Sembia for its general lack of concern for the source of their unusual powers. It was the largest group of its kind in Sembia, and only one to recruit psionicists exclusively.[2] Because replacements were so rare, the numbers remained rather steady and membership stable. Joining was fairly simple: new members were sent on a probationary mission assigned by Jacenelle and covertly monitored by a senior member. Those who excelled and displayed professionalism were allowed to join.[1]


The Stray Thoughts undertook various kinds of jobs, ranging from guarding caravans to operating as private investigators, usually looking into mercantile matters and court intrigues.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Stray Thoughts were based out of a rundown manor house on the outskirts of the city of Selgaunt, capital of Sembia. However, appearances were deceptive: carefully disguised to seem decrepit, it was actually a veritable stronghold protected by a variety of psionic traps. Members had free access to the manor. At any given time, only a quarter of them would be present here, with the rest away on missions.[1]


The group was established and active by 1373 DR.[1]

Around 1374 DR, the Stray Thoughts were engaged by a mysterious being called Z'dusk to hunt for a psionic artifact of unspecified nature and powers, for a 25,000 gp reward. (Unknown to them, it was buried in a sandy cave on Sembia's coast, and was in fact a lost fragment of an avatar of the illithid deity Ilsensine.)[2]



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