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Streams of Silver is the second book in the Icewind Dale trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. It was later reissued as book five of the Legend of Drizzt series.

"Yer eyes'll shine when ye see the rivers runnin' silver in Mithril Hall!"

Bruenor the dwarf, Wulfgar the barbarian, Regis the halfling, and Drizzt the dark elf fight monsters and magic on their way to Mithril Hall, centuries-old birthplace of Bruenor and his dwarven ancestors.

Faced with racism, Drizzt contemplates returning to the lightless underworld city and murderous lifestyle he abandoned. Wulfgar begins to overcome his tribe's aversion for magic. And Regis runs from a deadly assassin, who, allied with evil wizards, is bent on the companions' destruction. All of Bruenor's dreams, and the survival of his party, hinge upon the actions of one brave young woman.


In the first part of the book, the four companions Drizzt Do'Urden, Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar and Regis, set out on their quest for Mithral Hall. From Icewind Dale they first reach the city of Luskan. There Drizzt and Bruenor have to deal with Whisper and her gang to obtain a map of that area of the Realms, while Regis and Wulfgar get involved in a tavern brawl. The party then crosses the Crags where they have to face a band of orcs and the Uthgardt of the Sky Pony tribe, which unleashes a Spiritual Beast against them.

Artemis Entreri, who is hunting for Regis, captures and interrogates Catti-brie. He learns of their quest from her and goes on the party's trail bringing her along. Also Dendybar the Mottled, a wizard of the Host Tower of the Arcane who is interested in the companions, believes Drizzt is in possession of Crenshinibon. The assassin and the wizard end up joining forces.

In the second part of the book the four companions visit Longsaddle and the Harpells, a group of eccentric wizards, who suggest they head for Silverymoon. On their way though they have to cross the deadly Evermoors.

In the meantime. Entreri and Catti-brie, together with Jierdan, Sydney, and Bok, respectively a soldier, the apprentice of Dendybar and the wizard's flesh golem, fly magically to Silverymoon, having learned of the companions destination from Harkle Harpell.

Once outside Silverymoon, Drizzt and friends aren't allowed to enter the city, but Lady Alustriel meets the drow and gives him some equipment and good advice, telling him to seek information about Mithral Hall at the Herald's Holdfast.

The four friends are spotted by Bok the golem, which was standing outside the city, and Entreri's party immediately set on their trail, with Catti-brie trying to turn Jierdan against the rest of the group.

In the third part of the book, Bruenor, thanks to information found in the Herald's Holdfast and to a potion from Alustriel, lives again his past and he is able to remember the location of Mithral Hall.

In the meantime, Catti-brie turns Jierdan against the rest of the party and she is able to escape in the commotion of the resulting fight and to join her friends.

The companions enter Mithral Hall and find it overrun by enemies. Their next goal is leaving the place safely. There they are finally reached by Entreri's party. The fight leads to Entreri and Drizzt being separated from the rest of their parties and being forced to work together to find their way out.

Bruenor and friends defeat their opponents but they are soon faced by the Shadow dragon Shimmergloom. The companions rejoin Drizzt and manage to survive the encounter and defeat the dragon. In the process Bruenor falls in a gorge and apparently falls to his death. Entreri captures Regis and Guenhwyvar's statuette and escapes from the companions.

The book ends with Drizzt and Wulfgar ready to hunt for Entreri and Catti-brie, with the help of the dwarves and the Harpells, plans to conquer Mithral Hall in an attempt to avenge Bruenor,


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