Strength of the beast was a divine transmutation spell that gave a were-creature some of its animal form's strengths while in humanoid form. It was available only to lycanthrope priests of Malar the Beastlord or of Selûne the Moonmaiden.[1]


After the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, it was available only to clerics and druids who were initiated into the greatest secrets of the church of Malar, and to clerics, druids, and rangers who were similarly initiated into the greatest secrets of the church of Selûne. Although one did not need to be a lycanthrope to learn the spell or prepare it, it functioned only for lycanthropes and the caster could apply it only to their own person.[1][2]


While in their humanoid form, the lycanthrope caster acquired some characteristics normally only gained in their animal form. First, they had their resistance to injury except by silver blades. Second, they gained their keen sense of smell and ability to track by scent. Third, they gained various talents and abilities of their animal form. Finally, they gained roughly half the physical and mental boosts they'd get turning into an animal.[1]

However, strength of the beast made it harder for the lycanthrope to control their shape, both in resisting an involuntarily transformation and in making a voluntarily transformation.[1]

The spell had benefits only while in humanoid form, and it lasted forty-odd seconds, or longer for powerful casters.[1]


In addition to a verbal component, the caster required a focus in the form of a lock of hair from their own animal form.[1]



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