The Strohm Dynasty was the first dynasty of Tethyr after the fall of the Shoon Imperium and the longest reigning of all dynasties of that kingdom.[4]


The dynasty was founded in 450 DR by King Strohm I, a Suldusk elf with human blood tracing directly back to Darrom Ithal, the founder of Tethyr.[4] Strohm the Elfking[5] was the son of King Silvyr Ithal.[4] King Silvyr had started a rebellion against Emperor Amahl Shoon VII in the previous year. When Silvyr and Amahl met in single combat, through treachery Silvyr was slain. Seeking revenge, Strohm planned an elaborate strategy to sack the capital of Shoonach, which was successful. When Strohm met Amahl in combat, he defeated him, avenging his father and ending the Imperium forever.[4][6]

Strohm left Calimshan to its own people[4] but set up his kingdom from the city of Zazesspur.[1] The records of the five puppet dynasties that had ruled during the Shoon Imperium were destroyed at the beginning of the Strohm Dynasty.[5]

Strohm I's wife was the daughter of King Priam Tornamn, which linked the Strohm dynasty to both the Ithal and Tornamn dynasties. His grandson took the name of Strohm II and was the second ruler of the family. Strohm II expanded the territory of Tethyr by defeating the nation of Tathtar in 731 DR, lands that would later become the kingdom of Erlkazar.[7][8]

Strohm III, Strohm IV, and Strohm V followed in succession, each having more human blood than the previous king.[2][3] The Strohm Dynasty was followed by the brief Mallorhen Dynasty, because Strohm V had only daughters,[9] but following the death of the second Mallorhen ruler,[9] Tethyr would be ruled by four of Strohm V's female descendants, collectively called the Queens' Dynasty.[4]


The rulers of the Strohm dynasty were the last kings trusted by the elves of the Forest of Tethir.[4]

Family TreeEdit

A Suldusk
Strohm I
A human
Strohm II
Strohm III
Strohm IV



One of the designers of the Lands of Intrigue boxed set was named Keith Strohm.



Strohm Dynasty of Tethyr
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