King Strohm IV was a king of Tethyr.[1] He was famous for winning the Battle of Brinniq Dell.[2]


Strohm IV was a great warrior like his father, King Strohm III.[3]


The king possessed two powerful magical swords known as the Royal Masque Blades.[4]


Strohm IV was the third son of Strohm III. His second nephew was his only heir.[1]

Strohm IV was said to have been protected by a platinum dragon.[3]


Strohm IV was born in the Year of the Jeweled Aerie, 745 DR. He was crowned king in the Year of the Torm Cloak, 769 DR.[1]

In 771 DR, King Strohm IV defeated a goblin horde led by chieftain Delgern the Three-Tusked in the Battle of Brinniq Dell.[2]

Strohm IV's second nephew succeeded him upon his death in 802 DR and reigned as Strohm V.[1]

In 1264 DR, Strohm's tomb in the Fields of the Dead was among those desecrated by thieves, who stole several royal artifacts, including the Royal Masque Blades.[5] One of the blades, the Lion Blade, eventually ended up in the hands of Fual yn Senaor al Barasth of Memnon.[4]




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